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2019 Schauspielhaus Bochum

Die unglaubliche Geschichte vom kleinen Roboterjungen

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A co-production with Theatre-Rites

In Bochum’s most unusual high tech laboratory a team of the world’s leading scientists are attempting the impossible. Their mission is to construct a robot with a real brain. And they actually succeed: a little robot boy is created! The laboratory immediately becomes his playground. Because that’s where he belongs. The robot boy knows that the scientists have an important job to do – and that he is there to help them. But sometimes he just wants to immerse himself in the world of his dreams. And then the laboratory starts to transform.

The Incredible Story of the Little Robot Boy is imaginative theatre for all the family. An affectionate story that features an amazing combination of acting and puppetry along with a moving musical score. Join us on this curious and amazing journey!


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William Bartley Cooper
Franziska Dittrich
Jost Grix
Mercy Dorcas Otieno
Kinga Prytula
Markus Schabbing
Johanna Wieking
Jing Xiang


Jimmy Osborne
Sue Buckmaster
Sue Buckmaster

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