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Die Walküre

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Richard Wagner

In order to prevent Alberich’s bid for power, father of the gods Wotan has sired nine Valkyries who are to gather an army of fallen heroes for him in Valhalla. His son Siegmund, conceived through a relationship with a mortal woman, is the free-born hero who shall win him back the ring. But without knowing Wotan’s plans Siegmund undoes them by falling in love with his twin sister Sieglinde and together they conceive Siegfried. When Wotan’s favourite daughter Brünnhilde defies her father’s orders to bring about Siegfried’s downfall out of pity, he banishes her to a rock of fire from which only the strongest hero is capable of rescuing her. This will be Siegfried.

In deutscher Sprache mit Übertiteln
Dauer: ca. 5 Stunden, zwei Pausen
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Axel Kober
Dietrich W. Hilsdorf
Dieter Richter
Renate Schmitzer
Volker Weinhart
Bernhard F. Loges
Dorian Dreher
Michael Weinius
Sami Luttinen
James Rutherford
Sarah Ferede
Linda Watson
Katarzyna Kuncio
Anke Krabbe
Jessica Stavros
Katja Levin
Romana Noack
Zuzana Šveda
Maria Hilmes
Katharina von Bülow
Uta Christina Georg
Duisburger Philharmoniker

Work info

First day of the stage festival ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’
Libretto by the composer

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