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Co-production with Büro für Eskapismus

Alan Turing was the inventor of the computer, the mastermind of artificial intelligence and made a decisive contribution to the victory of the Allies in the Second World War by decoding Nazi radio messages. He was also homosexual - which made him a criminal in the eyes of the justice system of the time. In 1954, the then 41-year-old was found dead in his bed. It was assumed that he had committed suicide. But to this day, the exact circumstances of his death remain a mystery. Was it a tragic accident or murder? The Bür für Eskapismus has taken the mystery surrounding the early death of this genius as an opportunity to dedicate a fictional reality game to him. Here theatre and Escape Room combine to create a unique experience.
For the Ruhrfestspiele, the production "Die Akte Alan Turing" was made into a digital experience as an interactive live game. In groups of up to 15 people, the visitors themselves become active in order to get to the bottom of the inventor's death.

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