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A Card up your sleeve

Stronger together. In the Metropolis Ruhr, with the RuhrKunstMuseen and the RuhrBühnen network, this is not just an empty phrase. The new RuhrKultur.Card is proof of that. The 2020 annual pass is valid for exhibitions organised by the RuhrKunstMuseen, performances carried out by the RuhrBühnen, and for the events which take place as part of five international cultural festivals.


Art, theatre and festivals at a fair price

A particularly inviting prospect – holders of a RuhrKultur.Card 2020 receive an entire year's worth of culture for only 45 euros. This means one free entry to each of the 20 RuhrKunstMuseen, as well as an up to 50 % price reduction for one ticket to not only each of the 11 RuhrBühnen but also to the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and Ruhrtriennale festivals – and new are the Klavier-Festival Ruhr and the Mülheimer Theatertage "Stücke".


On the house: the RuhrKultur.Guide

Receive a free RuhrKultur.Guide with each RuhrKultur.Card. This handy and informative guidebook contains everything you need to know about the area's artistic and theatrical offerings. In addition to information on the RuhrKunstMuseen, RuhrBühnen and cultural festivals across 16 cities which are included with the card, the practical book also provides you with further recommendations in categories such as "worth seeing", "eating & drinking" and "also nice". What's more, insiders from within the field of culture also reveal their personal hotspots and insider tips.

After this, there's only one thing left to do – get out there and discover the Ruhr area for yourself!

For more information, and to order your card, visit


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