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Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen

Quick Info

The Ruhrfestspiele is one of the oldest, largest and most renowned theatre festivals in Europe. During the annual festival season from May 1st to mid-June Recklinghausen transforms into an international cultural and theatre metropolis. International drama and dance theatre and co-productions with major German-speaking theatres, but also outstanding productions of the off-theatre scene and the New Circus form the core of the contemporary programme. Performance productions, visual arts, readings, concerts and new discourse formats also seek to address relevant political issues.

An open meeting place

Olaf Kröck is artistic director of the Ruhrfestspiele from the 2019 festival season onwards. Together with his team, he sees the Ruhrfestspiele as an open meeting place where visitors and artists can engage in an exchange on pressing questions of the future.

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