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Viva l'Italianità!

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An evening with Adela Zaharia, Ramona Zaharia, Bogdan Baciu and Bogdan Taloș

“Viva l’italianità!” is the bold promise of this concert that gives full voice to the belcanto tradition of Italian opera. Belcanto literally means “beautiful singing” – a requirement, to be honest, of practically any opera. However, what makes the music of Vincenzo Bellini, Gioacchino Rossini, Gaetano Donizetti and their contemporaries so special are the sustained, unwavering melodic arcs and lines that give the human voice the power to turn heads and break hearts with even the tiniest musical expression. And before we know it, this dramatic music steeped in passion carries us off to the land where lemons blossom and where love stories on the operatic stage are a little more heart-breaking than anywhere else. So let us set off on a voyage of discovery and look forward to belcanto at its finest – and the grand emotions that are why we love opera so much.

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Adela Zaharia
Ramona Zaharia
Bogdan Baciu
Bogdan Talos

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