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Schlosstheater Moers

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With its half dozen actors and a main stage more suited to hosting intimate plays, the Schlosstheater Moers is the smallest city theatre in Germany. Despite this, the Schlosstheater Moers still knows how to put on a show, expertly taking classic theatrical canon and, without fail, coaxing out some of its more up-to-date aspects. Time and time again, it also brings its performances to new venues appropriate to the piece, taking them into the very heart of the small city on the outskirts of the Ruhr area.


First-Hand Theatrical Energy and a Front-Row-Seat

It's like comparing a stadium concert to a concert based in a club. The concert arenas may provide a more powerful show, but if you're looking to experience artistic energy first-hand, a smaller club is the place to be. The fact that theatre classics such as Friedrich Schiller's "Nathan the Wise" or Anton Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" suddenly seem enthralling once again in the Schlosstheater Moers is often due to the imaginative direction of artistic director Ulrich Greb and the effortless interaction which takes place between his ensemble, which has been developed over a long period of time. It is a feeling which is further reinforced by how close the audience is to the edge of the stage, with the theatre seating 150 spectators in total. What's more, here, you always have a chance of getting a front-row seat – the price model makes no distinction between one seat or another, meaning that members of the audience are free to choose their seats.


Moers' enviable city theatre

When planning to attend an event at the Schlosstheater Moers, it is recommended that you check the precise venue. This is because the theatre takes its motto, "The theatre comes to town; it brings the town to the theatre", very literally. For example, the Ring Cycle has been performed in the parking garage and shopping arcade of a shopping centre, and Henrik Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People" was performed in Moers' historic Neues Rathaus. What's more, members of the ensemble have also carried out readings in easy-to-understand language in a residential home for people with disabilities, and the fiftieth birthday of the "Röhre" pub was celebrated on-site with a suitable programme.

This theatre-based framework programme is a key part of how Moers sees itself as a city – and is something which is always much more exciting than it sounds.


Youth theatre – Performing for Penguins

Another impressive aspect is the dedication of the Junges Schlosstheater Moers, which helps get the younger age bracket, from eight-year-old school pupils to eighteen-year-old trainees, onto the stage through numerous professionally-run projects.

Every year in June, guests from outwith the local area have the opportunity to undertake a family outing to the Penguin's Days for children's and young people's theatre. While in-house productions are also performed, selected guest performances are the main focus of the event, with a jury of young people jury awarding the "Golden Penguin" at the end of the festival.

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